LighterPick: The Pipe Pick Built Into A Bic Lighter Case

image of LighterPick green body blue endcaps

How To Purchase

Due to the "perceived" nature of this product, we are currently unable to process orders online. If you would like to purchase one of these, feel free to call us.

LighterPick® is a great new Pipe Pick tool that holds a full size Bic lighter and houses a retractable 2" stainless steel self cleaning pick. This allows you to easily clean and stir your pipe without using toothpicks, paperclips not to mention some of the other things we see people clean their pipes with! Can you imagine some people actually taking a Bic lighter apart and installing a permanent piece of wire under the chrome cap? How comfortable is that while it's in your pocket?

This stylish Bic Lighter Case is only 2-1/4" tall and you can easily remove the lighter for replacement. The solid color plastic finish is easy to clean and will last for many years.


  • Lightweight but strong plastic construction
  • Retractable 2" stainless Steel pick
  • Easy to hold, comfort design
  • Easy to replace the lighter
  • Easy clean bottom, tobacco residue can be wiped off
  • Ideal for tobacco pipe smokers

If you currently use, or are looking for a Pipe Pick, you will be very pleased with the newLighterPick®, from LighterPick Products, A Bradley Homes Company!